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The Commissioner for Consumer Protection (WA) has requested that the following clarifications be conveyed to our Western Australian customers:

A) In order to become the owner of real estate, the purchase price for the property ultimately must be paid;

B) This system does not enable you to become the owner of a house for $1 - you can only purchase an option for $1. This system may provide you with an initial step towards owning real estate.

C) The making of instalment payments can be seen by banks as a sign of credit worthiness for future lending, but it is not the only factor considered. You may not necessarily satisfy a bank's lending requirements just by pointing to payments of instalments over time as proof of creditworthiness.

D) It may be unlawful in Western Australia to effect transactions of real estate between other people without holding a real estate agent's licence under the Real Estate and Business Agents Act 1978 (WA). You should obtain legal advice relevant to your circumstances before operating a rent-to-buy business in Western Australia.


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