Hi Everyone! It's Rick Here...

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This site is all about property investing & having fun.

If you’ve attended boring property seminars and fallen asleep or tried to read property books, only to lose interest, then join the club. If you find learning real estate stuff is simply dull… then come hang out here!

My name is Rick Otton... and some say my methods for buying, selling and trading property are so different that I’m constantly upsetting the traditionalists.

Fun And Laughter Night For Property People

Don't miss out! Don't forget! Don't be looking for a booking page! Just be there!


When: Monday 12th November 2018
Where: Plough & Harrow Hotel 135 Hagley Rd, Birmingham, West Midlands, B16 8LS
Time: 6:30pm kick off at 7:00pm

So Now For Something Completely Different...

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Join my group and get pretty much everything I ever created over the last 30 years for free…just share it!

  • Training manuals that I sold at my boot camps including the check lists, flowcharts and diagrams for easy implementation
  • Unedited recordings from live events that you can listen to with jokes left in and hear other people making money and making stuff happen
  • Also lots an lots of never released and seen before stuff with live streaming coming soon!

So to grab it all, click the button below…

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If We Laugh We Learn Better!

Let's Hang Out Socially

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The Right Words Change The Way People Think

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For example... “Free Roast Beef” is a great name for a pub band and “The Shovel Inn” a great name for an “all you can eat” restaurant.

Cheap words = poor results. Expensive words = great results! They all cost the same so let's get them right. 🙂

Here's What I'm Talking About

How To Communicate, Negotiate Or Just Double Your Dating!

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Allow me to share with you...

  1. ... how to set up profitable meetings to close a deal, get that job or even win a heart 💑
  2. ... what to say, when to say it, and especially when to shut up and listen! 🤫
  3. ... what is the real question behind the question being asked of them ❓❔
  4. ... to replicate in "Rick speak" to eliminate the dreaded reply, "I'll think about it" 🙄
  5. ... much of what I teach is just like dating stuff that we wish we knew as teenagers. 👫

Hang Out With Monumental Game Changers!

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Okay here is how this thing works!

I’m on a mission to change the way the world buys and sell houses. I believe the methods, processes and systems are dated and...

* not accommodating to changing times,

* making it too difficult for sellers to sell a property quickly and easily, and,

* too difficult for first home owners to achieve the dream of home ownership.

I ask you to consider joining the new way of thinking as I wish to share with you thoughts, thinking, process, methods and systems that just make more sense for so many…

In return I ask you to also share to others whom you feel may benefit.

I have nothing to sell, only share freely, what has taken me 30 years to master and perfect!

Take Note... I'm Not For Everybody!

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I’m not for everyone as I create... I do not follow. I have no formal degrees, just 30 years in the trenches. I don’t listen to Toxic Boy as nobody ever built him a statue.

I do not wear a suit (except for times when I upset the Establishment). I believe everything is possible and it is simply an undiscovered process. And I tend to hang out with people going places who I can laugh with!

So once you’ve had a chance to find out “who is this guy” I will share with you for free...

Joining us is quick and simple…

Access Rick's Vault!

Last registration Monday 19th November @ 9:00pm
before 2019 intake begins after winter upgrades!

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P.S. Whilst I’m thinking of it…I wrote a breakthrough book that got banned in some places, called “How To Buy A House For A Dollar”.

It was a controversial book title and I've got nobody to blame for that but myself (sometimes I feel like I fell outa the stupid tree and hit every branch on the way down).

Anyway, I cleaned up the title and audio recorded the book with me doing the reading, so if you’d like a giggle and learn lots of neat stuff… I will send it to you to share around with others.

Download Chapter One Now!

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"If only you knew now what will take me the next 50 years..."
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