Im about to completely reveal my all-time biggest secrets for making an absolute fortune in No Money Down real estate. Some of these strategies are brand new to Australia but have been road tested by me over time.

So, if you want to make hundreds of thousands of dollars in real estate, this could be the most important message you ever read.

Only an exclusive group of people have the chance to immerse themselves in what amounts to be the most profitable … life-changing … freedom-giving wealth event you have ever seen.

I’m going to peel back the cover of my business, and give you a peek at a truly wonderful way to make a superb living (undoubtedly with a lot less stress and difficulty than you’ve ever experienced or imagined).

Let me show you step-by-step how the latest and fastest No Money Down secrets can benefit you now in today’s market!

And if you choose to take a seat at this exclusive event, YOU will walk away with the same proven money-making strategies … that I have used everyday for the past 22 years ... to turn hundreds of dollars into thousands … and thousands of dollars into hundreds of thousands.

What’s more, it’s guaranteed to cost you nothing! In fact, better than that, no matter what - you’re going to walk away with a profit. And I’m going to show you how in just a moment.

These are the same strategies that have created a lifestyle for me that only a few people EVER get to experience. But one that now you have the opportunity of creating too. How do I know that?

Because not only will you be handed on a platter every single little strategy … closely-guarded secret … and income-quadrupling insight I have used for my own success - but you will be shown step-by-step how to put them ALL to work for you (quickly and easily).

In this letter, I’ll give you a peek at what I’m going to reveal to you. However, at my No Money Down Boot Camp I will reveal EVERYTHING that I do or have ever done to make money - using very little of my own - from real estate.

In fact, very few people (apart from my wife and a few close associates) have any idea of the scope of what I’m prepared to divulge LIVE on stage for 3 of the most intense and uplifting days of your life.

I can even make you a promise which at first may appear strange, but nevertheless it’s 100% true: If you do not attend this special event, you could actually cost yourself hundreds of thousands of dollars. That’s right … NOT attending this weekend could be dangerous to your wealth.

And by the end of this letter, you’ll understand how true this is.

Put simply, I will do things for you that NO-ONE has ever done before. You will literally walk away with a blue-print for your million-dollar income. A fully executable … unbelievably exciting … totally unrealistic (at least in terms of what the average person settles for when it comes to creating riches)… MASTER WEALTH PLAN for your life. And if you just apply it, you will create a future… and a lifestyle - that at present you and your family may not even be able to imagine.

It’s called …

“The No Money Down Boot Camp”
This is no rehearsal.
This is THE event.

Even if you presently have one or both of my programs like my brand new, “Massive Passive Home Study Course”

Even if you currently own absolutely NO properties…

Even if you can’t get bank financing...

Yes … and even if you don’t have existing equity in a property or a cent to your name…

I will show you my latest and greatest secrets (which will quite literally put you into a state of “excited shock”) for creating a real estate portfolio that can easily bring you in $100,000-$200,000 a year … and the best part is—it’s so simple you can get started within 30 days.

That’s how advanced my No Money Down secrets are. Not 1 in 100 so-called “experienced” investors even know they exist. Why? Because I created them, and my competitors haven't attended my events yet (they're too embarrassed of me proving how little they really know!)

I’ve spent time perfecting some new No Money Down strategies that are exciting and relevant to today’s changing property market. So we’ve expanded boot camp to include all of them!

Nearly everyone’s heard of “negatively geared real estate” - where you put someone in an investment home to rent from you, while you put in the extra cash needed to pay off the loan—and then you wait a lifetime until you actually make a profit on it.

Look. This strategy has its place. But I just prefer benefiting from my investments today, and not at age 70! According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics Housing Report, 70% of investors will sell within 5 years of purchasing. Why? Because according to the same source 47% of people will lose money … or barely break-even … when they sell their investment properties. Personally, I think the reason is because the property doesn't produce positive cash flow, or people spend too much of their own money purchasing.

In fact, you’ve been lied to for years about the best and fastest way to make money in real estate. With my revolutionary take on it … you will literally be stunned at how profitable, and how quick and hassle-free buying property really can be.

At my No Money Down Boot Camp, we’ll talk about my NEVER BEFORE REVEALED formula for finding and keeping “Buy and Hold” properties. Here’s my easy, step-by-step plan you can follow no matter what part of Australia you live in.

This is the foundation of your property portfolio. You need these ‘keeper properties’ to fund your future. Even if you don’t own any property currently-I’ll show you how you’re never too young or old to start.

And if you’re like most people, you want to find and fund your “Buy and Hold” properties right now-not later… and to accelerate your pace we’ll show you how you can easily add other tools to your investing arsenal and do just that.

One tool is “Lease Options”-
or “Rent to Own”
which is another form of vendor finance. Except the buyer has the option to buy after a set period, rather than from the very start. Buyers get to ‘try before they buy”.

It’s a great strategy to be familiar with especially if you’re having problems renting or selling your property on installments. Or if you’re installment contract and your buyer doesn’t have enough deposit or good enough credit to make you sleep at night a lease option could be the answer!

I’ll show you as an investor, you control the property with out getting finance from the bank using very little of your own money. We’re going to spend a chunk of time covering this strategy. It works especially well in today’s market place.

You can get property from a seller, turn it around, before offering it to a new buyer...It’s called a “Sandwich Lease” and is the-Ultimate No Money Down Property Strategy.

Well, I’ve done sandwich leases in the USA and I’ve adapted my US formula to fit Australian standards. I’ve been waiting for the property market to soften here- which it finally has-so the timing is right for me to share my blue print for ‘Sandwich Leases” with you! It's a simple way to buy houses and the existing loan as well (and it saves you the hassles and frustration of having to apply for a new loan).

Another very successful tool is an “Instalment
Contract”. Let me briefly explain what it is.

An Instalment Contract is not new. In fact, it’s been around for over 100 years. I stumbled upon it just over 22 years ago.

To put it simply: It’s where you buy a home at a discount; (finance the buyers into the home), and pull No Money Down payments for the life of the loan, or until the buyer pays you out.

My opinion is this: Why wait till you’re too old to go anywhere ... when you can have your money now. Because with vendor financing, you finance the buyer into the property.

You’ll receive No Money Down from day one (e.g. upwards of $70-$150 a week from your first home!). Not only that– you can accelerate your No Money Down. In fact, you could have 30 homes each bringing you in No Money Down in less than a year if you wanted to (earning you an average of $3,000 a week!).

You Make Positive Cash Flow While Giving Good People Their Dream Of Home

I’m going to show you how you can use these strategies to make thousands of dollars a month in No Money Down and to fund your ‘buy and hold’ properties.

Does this all sound too good to be true?

Well, hold your skepticism for just a moment while I reveal to you exactly how making positive cash flow, and buying houses with no money down has affected my life and hundreds of others.

I’ve now performed over 400 of these transactions. And I’ve been doing it for over 22 years. In fact, I was dubbed the “Aussie Battler’s Hero” in a recent Today Tonight story on Network 7. In August 2004, I was featured in an ABC documentary, “Selling Success” where I had a film crew follow me around for 18 months. On October 2007, I gave away a house on "Hot Property"

Why? Simply because I help families get into homes they otherwise couldn’t afford and I run a highly successful international business that others find newsworthy.

And guess what else? It’s my full time income. I’m not some professional speaker who does these seminars for a living, yet has no time to actually perform what I teach. I do these transactions every day.

Look I’m no rocket scientist. I’m not from a rich family. I even was expelled out of high school for a brief period! There was a time no one thought I’d amount to anything.

So even though it sounds like a stupid thing to say, it’s true:

“If I can do it … anyone REALLY can.”

While all the “negative gearing devotees” are working their butts off to be rich “someday” - I’m enjoying the profits NOW ... and some later ... just not all later when I'm too old to enjoy it.

What’s more, I’ve now shown loads of Aussies how to do exactly the same thing. And you know what?

THEY’RE MAKING GOOD POSITIVE CASH FLOW and BUYING NO MONEY DOWN PROPERTY AS WE SPEAK (you can read about them in just a moment). Many of them attended my Boot Camp in 2009.

Now it’s your turn to get the complete picture (if, that is, you want to finally get off the tread mill of life and start playing on your own terms! You do? Good). So What Will You Discover At My No Money Down Boot Camp?

Here are just some of the prized secrets (some of which I’ve never released before) that I’m going to reveal at this incredible event:

It’s Not Too Late To Turn Your Negatively Geared Property Into a Positively-Geared One (or at least cash flow neutral—in fact, I’ll show you actual figures and examples)

Why It’s Critically Important That You Stay Current With The Latest Trends, Changes And Updates For Buying No Money Down Property In Australia ... I’ll Share With You The Absolute Latest Info I Have ...

How I Got Started In No Money Down Property When I Didn’t Have A Dollar To My Name … In A Foreign Country ... And The Only Person I Could Call A “Friend” Was My Wife!

How you can apply “Rick’s At The Coal Face Been There Done That Buying Secrets” (yes, discounts larger than you dreamed possible are ready and waiting to be snapped up once you know these powerful secrets. As a matter of fact, only my wife Jane truly understands how I do this - but after the Boot Camp these secrets will be yours to use and profit from.) My Vendor Financing Strategy where you give title to the buyer upfront

How you DON’T have to buy a house in the drought stricken outback or remote country towns (because the prices are so cheap) just to make No Money Down.

Why you shouldn’t fear high priced property...lean over my shoulder and I’ll show you how to do it

11 Absolutely Dynamite Ways to Make Your Buy and Hold, Lease Option or Instalment Contract Simply Irresistible to ANY Tenant or Buyer...Without Lowering The Price Or Monthly Repayment or Rent

The Magic 10-Word Question You MUST Use On The Phone If You Want to Find The Right Potential Buyers

The Precise Word-For-Word Phrases I Use When Talking To Investors (You can use it for your own profit - you don’t need to change a thing)

Brand New - Learn why in special circumstances you can sell property to a buyer who has no deposit...and this isn’t a lease’s the latest vendor financing technique

The One Situation When You Should Avoid Buying a Propery Like The Plague (if you don’t follow this one little principle you’ll get “K.O’.d” in a matter of months - priceless info)

The Magic Figure You Should Accept As UPFRONT Money From Your Buyer (and I mean the ONLY amount you should accept … anything less and you could be in for some serious pain - I’ll tell you exactly why this figure is the secret to your fortune)

The One Frustrating Thing That Will Stop You From Moving On Up To The Big League … And I Mean Having 10 … 20 … 30 Or More Houses Pulling In Thousands Of Dollars For You (if you don’t discover how to get around this problem you’ll have to put your early retirement plan on hold - good thing is … I show you exactly how to get back on track instantly)

Why It Doesn’t Matter A Bugger What The Interest Rates Are - No Matter What The Economy ...

... And That's Just A Fraction Of What You'll
Learn At My 3 Day Boot Camp!
You'll also discover ...

The One And Only Thing You Need To Focus On When Inspecting A Seller’s House (and believe me … it has nothing to do with ‘what shape the house is in’, or whether ‘white ants are having a party in the framework’ - once you understand this one concept and use it, you instantly move up to the expert category)

The Amazingly Simple 6-Word Question You Should Ask Any Real Estate Agent … About The Seller ... To Instantly Reveal Whether You’re Going To Buy A Property Or Not (you’ll know right there and then if you’re going to cut a deal just by asking this simple question!)

The 3 Little-Known Reasons Why A Seller Will Finance YOU Into Their Property (that’s right … you don’t have to get your loan from the bank! And I’ll show you at least 2 killer ways to do it!)

Exactly How I Get Sellers To Agree To ‘Vendor Financing’ In A Heartbeat (you’re not going to believe how easy this is - I’ll even tell you WHAT to say to have the seller agreeing to your every word in no time flat!)

Can A “Tenant” Be Turned Into A “Buyer?” My Answer Will Astonish You - Particularly If You Have Tenants Right Now (it’s weird, I don’t understand it … but I swear it’s absolutely true! And you’ll save yourself many years and lots of heartache by paying very close attention to what I reveal to you)

How To Sell Your Property WITHOUT Dropping The Price-Even in Today’s Buyer’s Market (wouldn’t this one secret alone be worth attending the whole event! It could save you thousands and thousands of dollars!)

How To Know For Certain Whether You Should Sell with a Instalment Contract ... or a Lease Option (either way you can make someone’s home ownership dreams come true, while making a great income for yourself)

The Wonderfully Simple Secret Behind Forging Successful Partnerships (some people get into partnerships that are doomed to fail from the beginning … yet they don’t know it until it’s too late- I’ll reveal in 60 seconds the key characteristic for finding a business partner for life)

The 4 Essential Things You Want To Know About A Home In Order To Pick It Up At A Huge Discount (you’ll be surprised at how easy it is and NOW how easy it will be for you to do the same)

The Exact Buyer To Look For If You Want Them To Leave Within A Couple Of Years

The Exact Buyer To Look For If You Want Them To Stay For The Long Term

The A to Z of Basic No Money Down … Which Will Have You Owning 1-5 Homes … Then My Supercharged Advanced Secrets Which Will Take You From 5 Homes to 50

A Set Of Key Questions To Ask Prospective Buyers In Order To Weed Out ‘Time Wasters’ And Identify ‘Players’ In A Matter Of Minutes

The First Thing You Must Demand From A Potential Buyer Before You EVER Agree To Meet Them On-Site (this little secret will save loads of time and money)

How To Easily Know Whether A Potential Buyer Will Be Able To Afford The Weekly Repayments (this is quick to do and doesn’t embarrass you or the buyer - in fact you get the exact word-for-word script to use)

Everything You Need To Know About Special Contract Clauses (these could really save your bacon and prevent you from paying costs which could wreck your profits)

Why You Should Never Take Advice From A Buyer’s Previous Landlord (not knowing this could send you broke)

Let's take a short breather. We'll get back to more of what this remarkable boot camp will give you in just a moment. But first, let me introduce to you a few people who've attended my Boot Camp before. Let's hear what they have to say about it ...

Here’s the fundamental rule of property
investing: Real property profits are made in
falling markets.

Now in many parts of Australia the market is turning or has already favouring the buyer. The lemmings who follow the herd are running scared. They’re scared because the newspaper headlines and the media are warning them off purchasing property. Yet it’s a fantastic opportunity to buy and control property for far less money than even 6 months ago.

And it’s the investors who recognize this golden opportunity now who will benefit from today’s buyer’s market. Don’t be scared. Let me show you how you can gain now from what I see as one of the most profitable and exciting cycles of today’s property market.

Additionally, did you realize that there are still millions and millions of dollars out there just waiting to be invested? The problem in this country is, the banks and private lenders can’t find enough investors to give it to!! Well, not enough qualified ones anyway.

Which means with the powerful inside information you’ll get at The No Money Down Boot Camp, you’ll leave the weekend different from when you walked in. A fully qualified “player” with a plan. Someone who knows the secret formula for taking thousands of dollars and turning it into … MILLIONS OF DOLLARS.

Can you guess WHO the banks … private lenders … and investors are going to be desperate to give their money to?

That’s Right ... YOU!

Even if you can not qualify for bank financing, did you know that private lenders and joint venture partners will work with you - you just need to know how to find them and talk to them — I’ll show you how.

As I mentioned before, I’ll also show you how to control property even if you have no hope of ever getting a bank loan---don’t let that stop you from becoming wealthy….

After my No Money Down Boot Camp, you’re going to have the skills to command hundreds of thousands of dollars that produce No Money Down from Day 1. What a gift. There’ll be no reason for you to ever again WANT for money … not when you’ll have my personal blue-print to show you how...

Now, just to make sure you understand the scorching secrets you’re going to walk away with ...

Even More Killer Strategies I'm Going To Be
Revealing At The Boot Camp ...

More Ways To Use My Favourite Money Making Technique “Some Now Some Later” When You Want a Seller to Finance Your Deposit (This technique alone is worth the cost of attending - if you use it.)

Brand New-How To Create No Money Down With No Loan Liability! (That’s right-you don’t need to qualify for a bank loan or have much money to put down towards purchase).

The Fundamental Flaw In Negatively Geared Investments And Why No Money Down Gives You The Freedom And Cash That Negative Gearing Can’t

The Magic Figure That Nearly Any Investor Can Give You In Cash At A Moment’s Notice ( this ‘magic figure’ is the key to getting it almost without a hitch every time)

I’ll Also Give You My Proven Hot Phone Script That Will Have Investors Feeling Dead-Certain You Are The “Tiger Woods” Of The Real Estate World (this killer phone script advances your learning at light speed and helps you close deals you otherwise would have left on the table!)

Brand New-More Magic Words & Phrases To Use When You Talk To Vendors and Agents (Back by popular demand this was a huge hit at the October 2008 event-I’ve expanded this section...and it will blow your mind!)

How To Sell “Handy Man Specials” (that is, those homes which need loads of repairs - and believe me, you won’t have to sweat one drop of perspiration, hammer in a nail … or pick up a dirty old paint brush - period)

The Most “Clumsy Mistakes” 99% Of People Make When Selling A Home Which Needs Repair …And How To Make Sure You’re In The Other Wealthy 1%

How I Bought A Run-Down Old House for $135,000 … Sold It For $167,000 In Less Than 10 Days (within 4 weeks it was completely repaired and revalued at $240,000 - yet I didn’t spend a cent on repairs or work for 1 second on the home … in fact I hadn’t even paid for the house)

How To Create Your Cash Flow Machine Using The Tightest Marketing Budget You’ve Ever Seen – … Yes, It’s True … I Will Reveal Some Of Our Biggest Guerrilla Marketing Strategies That Make Tens Of Thousands Of Dollars On The Smell Of An Oily Rag

Witness Real People ... Not Presenters … Grilled On Stage About Their Experiences In Buying Property with No Money Down - Some Will Be Experts, Others Will Be Beginners … But Either Way You’re Going To Get It Straight From The Horses Mouth - GOOD OR BAD! (without doubt, this information is worth tens of thousands of dollars because of the inside secrets and absolute gems of advice you’ll get- I wish I had this down-to-earth knowledge when I started out)

I’ll Actually Look At Whatever Deals You … And Other Members Of The Audience … Are Putting Together Right Now, And Personally Work With You To Supercharge Your Transaction & Put A Whole Lot More Money In Your Pocket (this is the quickest and most fun “warp-speed education” on multiplying your income you’ll ever get!)

Brand New-Why using the phrase ‘Just Suppose’ (which is a strategy I only reveal at Boot Camp) may save you thousands of dollars when you talk to vendors

A Quickie “Idiot’s Guide” To Consumer Psychology! (instantly understand what makes your customer tick … and learn how to tickle his “consumer hot buttons” to the point of frenzy)

Pretty amazing, right? And guess what? This is just a glimpse at what I’m going to give you over this 3 day event! There’s so much more jammed into this incredible boot camp that I don’t really have the room to include it all here.

But at least by now, you should realize that there isn’t a seminar ANYWHERE that will give you as many money-making, life-changing strategies as what you’ll get at The No Money Down Boot Camp. In fact its ...

Australia’s Only 3 Day Boot Camp Dedicated
To Helping YOU Buy Property even if You
Don't Have Much Money or Credit FAST!

By the way, don’t even think this boot camp is the same as anything you’ve seen or heard before. No boot camp I put on is ever alike. Meaning, the event coming up, is even better than the previous one.

This way, new and past attendees are both guaranteed to get maximum value! Why? Because everything is new ... last Friday I was out on a bus with my Master Class on tour and in 11 minutes I bought a house for $75,000 under market value. You'll learn strategies like this too.

This isn’t about doing renovations. Or buying off the plan. Or negative gearing. Or buying commercial property. It’s 3 jam-packed days of the only things you need to know to buy property with No Money Down now.

You’ll be participating in round table discussions...negotiating...striking up deals...and feverishly picking the brains of people who currently make 6-figure incomes. Basically I want to show you how to copy everything I do.

So...I’m sure you can see why it will be worth your while to be there in person. No audio or video tapes can truly give you this complete experience.

And remember something else, so far I’ve only told you about what I’m going to reveal over the weekend. But I haven’t even begun to tell you what you’re going to learn from my other special guests!

Let Me Introduce To You An Expert Solicitor ...

You’re going to get the low-down from Tony Cordato...a top gun
lawyer from Cordato Partners who will answer every single legal
question you can throw at him – so you’ll know exactly where you
stand ...without a fear in the world.

Tony has pioneered option and instalment contracts in Australia and currently advises
hundreds of clients on lease options every day.

He spends a lot of time keeping abreast of the trends, and changes in legislation for all the
states and territories in Australia. And the best part is...he makes things super-simple to
understand (everyone should have a lawyer like him in their life!)

Here's An Important Reason Why You
Should Consider Attending
The Boot Camp ...

Do you know one of the biggest reasons why it’s worth your while to come to this event?

You’ll never guess.

It’s the fact that you’ll be surrounded by an exclusive group of switched-on attendees who are all committed to learning this powerful, life-changing skill.

Meet the BIG KAHUNAS as I call ‘em-many are making 6 figure incomes. Every year a select number of boot camp returnees are awarded this title as a symbol of their success which is living proof they are making No Money Down by actively buying and selling properties using the strategies learned at previous boot camps.

You’re seated at round tables for the ultimate ‘hands on’ experience and each table has a couple of Big Kahunas on hand to guide you through various exercises, activities and perhaps give you the winning edge in how to buy property with No Money Down.

As you meet these people and others who have used various forms of vendor financing right here in Australia. The point is, during breaks over the weekend you’ll have the chance to network with these people and ask them any questions you want! Straight from the coal face. You don’t have to take MY word for it...take theirs!

If I was you, I’d be offering to take other attendees out to dinner JUST TO SIPHON INFORMATION FROM THEIR MINDS and get their insight on all the insider money-making information. For one weekend, you’ll be entrenched with what’s termed in the business world as a...

… Brains Trust

In other words, a network of people with similar interests to you, who are prepared to share stories and experiences, so that EVERYONE walks away with a greatly expanded pool of knowledge.

So let me be your guide. I know the shortcuts. And I’m going to share everything I’ve learned from the best in the business, and everything from my own intense personal success in the marketplace. I’m going to give you the key that unlocks your No Money Down future. This is the Boot Camp I would have killed for when I started out.

And I promise you something else: I will not put my head down on a pillow … nor leave the venue until I know for sure that every single person in attendance has every solitary thing they need to make a fortune in No Money Down. People always ask me if I just hold their hand for their first transaction and that’s what this event is all about.

I can give you personal one-on-one attention because I only allow 297 people in the room-that’s it. (I know that’s what you want because I’d want the same thing if I were in your shoes!)

"Ok Rick, I Want To Attend! When And
Where Is The Boot Camp Taking Place?" I’m
glad you asked - here are the details:

It starts on Friday. Morning tea and afternoon tea are provided for attendees.

Today we’ll start from 8.30am (8am registration) through to a late finish. I start on time-you don’t want to miss my stage entrance...come on who says we can’t have some fun?.

What are we going to cover? Well I’ve already hinted at some of the exciting stuff you’re going to learn, but here in very broad brush strokes are a couple of the main topics for today:

Everything you need to know about Vendor Financing but were afraid to ask - including my “Some Now... Some Later” concept

How To Get Private Lenders And Sellers To Fund Your Next Transaction With THEIR Money

Tony Cordato clears up common misconceptions about caveats and 2nd mortgages

Lease Options Made Simple (including heaps of take-home charts, facts and figures)

Saturday We’ll kick off from 9.00am again until late. This is where I truly role up my sleeves and get seriously into more advanced secrets...Morning Tea and Afternoon Tea is included.

Inside Secrets of Buying Property at a Discount

How Do You Know If Your Buy and Hold is a Keeper?

“Hot Seat Sessions” This is where lucky attendees (maybe even you) get their chance to ask curly questions and get their problems solved-You’ll love this!

What to Plan For And When To Form...A Joint Venture Partnership

Then at 7pm, it’s time to take a well-earned break and just relax. Join us at our Hawaiian Luau Cocktail. You’ll be spoiled with plenty of drinks and mouth-watering hors d’oeuvres – everything put on for you, so you can just kick back and enjoy the company of other keen investors from around Australia.

Oh and by the way, tonight may well be one of the most special nights you’ve had for a while.

Sunday It’s on again. From 8.30am till 5pm. I’ll delve deeper and deeper into my money-making strategies. You’ll discover:

Updated and road tested Marketing strategies that you’ll use

What you need to know to profit from 2nd Mortgage Carry Backs

More Body Language Moments (yep that’s right … Allan Pease the “Body Language” expert was my boss when I was a young pup)

Get the behind the scenes scoop Hot Property TV Show

How to Create Your Master Wealth Plan

And I must add, we will go for as long as there are questions being asked (well past 5pm if we have to). Morning Tea and Afternoon Tea is included every day.

Well, that’s a brief description of the run down. It’ll be a very casual long-weekend in approach …but extremely serious in content.

Now, at this stage you’re probably wondering how much it’s going to cost to attend this exclusive event (and the truth is it’s not going to cost you a thing! How? I’ll tell you in just a moment.)

But Before I Do, I’d Like To Let You In On
Something Important…

You know, it’s no secret that there are a lot of people out there offering all sorts of seminars on real estate investing. And you may have even attended some of them. But one thing I hate is “experts” from overseas coming over here and giving advice …

… when they haven’t bothered to tailor their information to the Australian market!

The rules are different in the USA than they are in Australia! You cannot just apply here what works over there. You need to be aware of this.

And it’s why everything you get at my seminar is designed to be used right now … right where you live. No matter where in this country you’re located, my information applies. You can go out and make a fortune tomorrow just by following my system.

You get the lot. EVERYTHING you need to buy and sell houses at a massive profit RIGHT NOW. Goodness, I have a contract right here in front of me (which I will bring to the event) which shows I’ve just purchased a home for $250,000 with a deposit of only $1,000! My solicitor couldn’t believe it. And I’m going to show you HOW to do the same! You could be up and running instantly with just a thousand bucks!!

Or maybe you thought I didn’t do this stuff anymore … well I do. And so I hope that this point is as important to you as it is me. Information is gold when you can apply it straight away - and I guarantee that’s what you’ll get from me.

Which brings us to your investment. Now, I want to ask you something:

What Would It Be Worth To You To Wave
Goodbye To Your Current Job And Live The
Way You Want For The Rest Of Your Life?

Wouldn’t it truly be worth investing let’s say … $10,000 now … if in a very short time you could make it back and also afford to take 2 or 3 holidays a year (for the rest of your life!) out of money you hardly do a thing to earn?

Wouldn’t it be worth it if in just 6 months from now you could shop where you want … buy what you want ...and never ever have to worry what anything costs?

Or how you would like never to have to utter these 5 words ever again … “Sorry, I can’t afford it.”

Would it be worth investing $10,000 IF I could show you a system which will have you driving around in a brand new Mercedes … or Audi … or BMW just a few months from and without it costing a cent out of your own pocket?

It would be a good investment, wouldn’t it? Particularly if you knew that from now on your children could attend the best schools money can afford (with their full education paid for before they’ve even set foot in the grounds). What about if instead of just waking in the mornings and greeting the day with a grunt, you were filled with such excitement about your life that you jump out of bed like an Olympic pole vaulter! Wouldn’t it be great to have that excitement back again?

Better than that… what if you had time to do anything in the world you wanted. And really… time is the greatest commodity of all. Time to spend with loves ones … to focus on your dreams … to help others make their dreams come true too. Stuff which perhaps you don’t have a hope in hell of doing right now.

I tell you what, when I started out I would have paid TWICE that (yes, $20,000 happily) to quickly discover secrets that were powerful enough to create this sort of lifestyle. And I've spent over $200,000 with my mentors to accelerate me to where I am now.

Wouldn’t you like to get this “inside” information so you can be one of the privileged few who actually make their dreams come true? It’s so easy to do. Just decide to be there with me for this 4 day “once in a lifetime” event. I promise I’ll show you exactly how to do it.

Let Me Ask You Something Else:

What figure would you put on having me there at your beck and call ... in your home ... for 3 days straight? Just me, totally focused on showing you every money-making secret I have, and how you can apply them.

How much do you think my time is worth? I can give you a fair idea. I currently charge $500 an hour for my consulting. That’s $4,000 a day. And over 3 days that equates to $12,000

Then what about my special guests? How much do you think it would cost to have these experts in law, accounting and property spend a long weekend with you AT YOUR PLACE, focusing solely on how you can turn your lifestyle into a dream?

You could literally be talking about another $10,000 at least, couldn’t you? These guys are the best in the business. So in total, to have the best advisers in the country telling you PERSONALLY how to create your own No Money Down income of $200,000 a year, could cost you $26,000 ... even more.

Well let me give you 3 good reasons why attending The No Money Down Boot Camp is EVEN BETTER than having me and my experts in your home:
world as a...

Here's Why Attending The Boot Camp Is
Even Better Than Having Me And My Experts
In Your Home

You will have no distractions. No ringing phones. No one asking you to mow the lawn. No one asking you make dinner. No-one asking you to do anything but focus on how to get cash pouring into your life, with very little effort or cost. To be away for 3 days focusing solely on this, is truly the only way to make sure you have everything you need to take action NOW

You’ll not only hear all the closely-guarded secrets, but you’ll get the opportunity to actually role-play every critical scenario with other attendees. And nothing makes learning easier than actually applying your knowledge in real terms. It’s like what pilots do to gain their license - they role play (in a simulator) their every action and reaction until they perfect every move. You’ll get to do the same! (You’ll practice how to talk to vendors ... how to handle objections ... how to sort good buyers from the bad, how to seek and speak to motivated vendors - and so much more) Something which you could never do at home.

You’ll get to meet and talk with loads of other people who are in the same position as you. Some will even be more advanced. So you can ask them question after question on how to make No Money Down. Find out how they do it. What they do. How much they make. Again, this is critical knowledge that you couldn’t get in any other environment.

But guess what? While a money-making experience like this is worth well over $26,000, you’re not even going to invest half that amount (and that’s even though on the first day I’m going to show you how to get that amount back and more).

Your investment to attend is just $2997. A drop in the ocean to spend 3 days with me and my experts focusing like a laser beam on how to turn you into a No Money Down millionaire, using very little of your own money if you choose.

Here’s a Special Bonus Too…

As an official attendee of this event, if you ever want to take a refresher course of The No Money Down Boot Camp at any time in the future, you’ll be able to do so at a special “members” price of only $997! I mean, who else lets you do that!

Universities don’t let you take their classes again at an 80% discount … no way. But it would be my privilege to give you a “top up” whenever you like (and help you make many, many more profitable contacts and deals!) at any future boot camps for this discount rate. Perhaps you may even come back as a Big Kahuna!

Right now … You have a very important decision to make. And to be honest, you don’t really have a choice at all. See, there’s a cost for attending, as well as NOT attending, The No Money Down Boot Camp.

Here’s what I mean:

You could choose NOT to attend The No Money Down Boot Camp. You might decide that “now” is not the right time. And so you’ll keep on doing the same things you’ve always done. But guess what? Do you really expect your life to change? Do you truly expect to get out of the situation you’re in without doing anything different at all? In fact, this option could cost you more money than you can afford (especially as bills and the cost of living starts to create a bigger and bigger dent in your hip pocket).

You could also try and learn these secrets on your own. Through trial and error. Hey, why not? But don’t be surprised if it costs you at least 10 times what I’m charging you. And what’s more, it’ll take you at least 7 years or more to get anywhere close to what I know. Yet, I’m going to teach you it all in a special LONG-WEEKEND!!

Think about all the deals you’ll miss out on just by holding out? How much money will you LOSE by not coming to this weekend? Over the period of your life, you could lose literally millions of dollars.

THINK ABOUT THIS: What if you’d had this information just 6 months ago? It would mean that right now you could have 3 or 4 homes (and more if you wanted to) each bringing you in hundreds of dollars a month. Giving you the lifestyle that you are craving right at this moment! And in 6 months time this can be your REAL story - not a wish.

Don’t you think you owe it to yourself to get in on this amazing opportunity? Don’t you think it’s time to stop letting thousands of dollars slip away every month?

You Can Divide Your Investment In The Boot
Camp Into 4 Easy Instalments!


You’ll receive two more FREE bonuses:

The No Money Down Boot Camp Manual ( jam packed information which includes scripts, forms, letters and facts & figures) valued at $1997


.....the Audio Recordings of the Event valued at $2997

Can I Possibly Do Any More To Get You To
Invest In Yourself And Gain The Knowledge
Which Will Make Your Life A Dream?

Well, in fact I can. I can show you how it’s guaranteed to cost you nothing. You will either make money ... or make money. You can’t lose. You see, this event has the potential to be life-changing for you. You’re about to be handed the key that unlocks hundreds of thousands of dollars in profit for you almost immediately. That why I make you an unheard-of …

If by the last hour of the last day of Boot Camp you don't fully agree that you can apply these tools to make 5 times your investment I want you to ask for and get your money back with an extra 10%!

If you do belong here, then it’ll be impossible for you to leave without picking up a “short” list of very useable, simple to apply, immediately profitable strategies for pumping up your income through No Money Down (far in excess of the investment to attend).

Most recently I was featured on ABC’s TV “Selling Success” –where I allowed a film crew full access to me for 18 months. Nothing was hidden and there are few people who would allow their life to be put under a microscope for the world to see. (And if you missed this show, call my office and I’ll send it out to you for free).

So Let's take a look at the No Money Down
Boot Camp Enrolment again...

Actual attendance 3 days of the
“No Money Down Boot Camp” - Valued at $4,497!

You'll Also Receive:

Yep, I know the bonuses FAR EXCEED the enrollment fee and I’m insane for doing this. Even my cautious bookkeeper thinks I’m nuts. My bean counter said, “Do one or the other – big discount OR a pile of free bonuses, but don’t do both. You’re giving away the whole farm!”

(that’s why you NEVER let the accountant run a company).

And guess what else? YOU CAN KEEP all of your bonuses no matter what?

Do you realize what this means? Let me spell it out for you: YOUR WORST CASE SCENARIO IS THIS
- you can:

Come to the “No Money Down Boot Camp”, at a huge discount (which you can pay off in 4 nice and easy installments at your choice)

You can explore every single strategy, tip and technique I give you for creating a super wealthy future

You are covered by our Rock Solid NO-RISK 110% Money-Back Guarantee

You can read yourself silly through all the materials I’m going to give you

You can devour every single bonus item

And after all this, ......

if you’re not happy -I’ll end up paying you! That’s how confident I am. If by the last hour of the last day you don’t fully agree that you can apply these tools to make 5 times your investment to attend, I want you to ask for your money back.

Further, I also want you to walk away with an extra 10%. So no matter what your experience with me, you will have earned a profit. Either agree that you can make 5 times your investment fee, or have your investment returned + 10%!

Yes Rick! I want to attend your No Money Down Boot Camp to be trained on how to create multiple streams of No Money Down.

I understand that my investment not only includes my attendance for a FULL THREE DAYS, but also a voluminous attendee workbook, the chance to network with the hundreds of other attendees and experts anticipated to attend this event, plus access to all bonus sessions.

I understand that I'll receive 5 bonuses valued at an amazing $15307 absolutely free with my registration.

1. Order online via our SECURE online ordering link below.

2. Ring our 24/7 FREE call on 1800 003 588. Just leave all your details and we'll post your registration out to you immediately.

(Your Reservation Will Be Processed Over Secure Servers.)

This is one of those rare opportunities that can change your life forever. I hope you decide to join me at The No Money Down Boot Camp…and make that choice to get the inside story on how buy and sell property to create a massive passive income now.


Rick Otton

P.S. Remember, not only is this the most unique boot camp of its type ever held in Australia, but you get an amazing 110% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. That’s how sure I am that you’ll be absolutely delighted with what you’re going to discover at The No Money Down Boot Camp. You either receive so much money-making information that you don’t know where to start, or you make a profit.

P.P.S. This is your chance to get involved in an experience that can change your life. You’ll be able to hear and see the greatest investment secrets I’ve ever used (including some which are brand spanking new!). You’ll get to see first hand how I … and now many other Aussies … have carved out a lifestyle of choice. A lifestyle you could be living too. Don’t you owe it to yourself to get in on this opportunity? Where will you be this time next year WITHOUT it? Probably the same place you are now, right? You can’t lose! Call us now and we’ll reserve your seat on 1800 003 588 and make sure you don’t miss out.

If You Are Located Anywhere In The United Kingdom
- Be Sure To Check Out Our 2014 Event In London!
I Made $78,000 From One Transaction!

Rick I just wanted to tell you I had a funny thing that happened three weeks ago. My work made me redundant! The funny part of it was that the night I got made redundant I signed up a seller and buyer to a deal that will make me my entire year’s work salary – this transaction will net me $78,000! Let’s just say I’m not taking any of the job offers that have come in since. I’ve already done two more deals in the last two weeks.

S Becker,
Former IT Consultant, Victoria

We Were Able To Help Others And Profit $42,000!

I got a call from sellers who were nine months behind on arrears and they were going to get evicted on 2 August and they gave me a call on 20 July. I sat down with them. They didn’t want to leave and the bank was kicking them out. So we ended up buying that house off them and solving the problem with the arrears. Then sold to a family who was looking at doing the home up. The benefits to the vendors were they got to walk away with all of their debts paid and without their credit being shot. The benefits to the buyers are that they have a house. The benefits to my wife and I – we got $15,000 up-front, cash flow of $651 per month and backend we got around $27,000.

J Campbell-Bruce,
Teacher, New South Wales

I Made $37,00 With Only $1 Invested!

I bought a property for $1.00. I made $10,000 up-front deposit, $440 per month positive cash flow and my backend profit is $27,000 ... Learning Rick’s strategies I developed skills, now I know where I’m going and why I’m doing it and how I’m going to get there.

M Kelly,
Former Developer, Queensland

Rick's Strategies Made Me Financially Independent In Less Than One Year!

I had plans to become financially independent within five years, but through Rick’s strategies I was able to do it within one year. Some of the other presenters’ theories are great, but when you really go out to practice what they have taught, I have found I usually hit a brick wall; I can now not work as a doctor and do this full-time. The cash flow from my properties can now support pretty much my income. I still practice part-time as a doctor now, because I want to, not because I have to.

Dr G Ku,
Doctor, Victoria

We Bought Our Family Home With Only $15,000 Invested!

Rick, we have today exchanged contracts on a $1.3 million house on a lease option for ourselves to live in, $15,000 up-front and $1,125 per week. Debt is $300,000 only. We are extremely grateful because this would not be possible without you! Expect our invite for a house- warming party.

J & S Sarai,
IT Consultant & Bookkeeper,
New South Wales

We Made $11,000 In Five Hours!

We’ve been doing Rick Otton’s strategies for the last 12 months. We’ve done nine transactions. Recently, we had a seller who was a burnt-out landlord who wanted to get away from his investment property. We had an investor who was a single mum with four kids and she had never invested before so we put the transaction together and made $11,000 in five hours. Our buyers had been on our database for nine months and when we met up with them they signed up straightaway. We’ve been invited (by them) for cocktails in their new home!

B Clarke & K Mikina,
Tradesman & Nurse, Victoria

Rick Has Changed My Life!

I’ve been working the whole of my life and I have created a property portfolio, but I had been working like 10, 15 hours a day to build what I had, and I did not see my children at all. I then retired and I had nothing to do. I came across your program and even at the age that I am,I decided to do it. Now while I am doing the program, I find that I am spending more time with my boys that are grown up and I’m enjoying having that drink with them, going out with them, and I’m a different person altogether. You have actually changed my life.

J Soulos,
Retired Solicitor, New South Wales

It Was So Easy To Make Over $100,000!

We’ve made OVER $100,000 easily! What can I say ... anyone who can take the subject of real estate investing and inform and entertain at the same time is extraordinary!

J Muir & J Elliot,
Consultants, New South Wales

I Made $20,000 On A Property In Another State!

I’m Wayne from Victoria and the deal I did recently was done remotely in Queensland. I put a transaction together for a group of sellers who were a bit troubled by making their repayments. The house sold for $305,000 (the agents couldn’t sell it for $287,000). I got in buyers, a truck-driver husband and a nurse wife. They had had trouble with some credit reports in the past, and it was an opportunity for them to get in and own their own home now. I made $20,000.

W Revell,
IT, Victoria

I Was Earning $43,000 A Year - I Made More Than That In One Property Transaction!

I used to work at Woolworths driving forklifts for about eight years.I came to Rick’s bootcamp 18 months ago – and around that time my third son was born. I haven’t worked a day since then. I was earning $43,000 a year – I actually made more than that last week. My first backend cheque was $47,000! As a forklift driver I never answered the phone or had any customer interaction at all.

J Monoghan,
Former Forklift Driver, South Australia

We Made $80,000 Without A Bank Loan!

We bought a property without a bank loan, we made $10,000 up-front deposit, $800 per month positive cash flow and our backend profit is $70,000.

S & M Donaldson,
Small Business Owners, Queensland

I Made $39,000 From My First Transaction!

Hi Rick, we completed our first sandwich lease option, we received $7,000 up-front, $120 per week positive cash flow and a backend profit of $32,520. Thank you so much for your help and direction.

R Archdall,
Cleaning Company Owner,
Western Australia

Rick Gave Me The Skill Set To Make Money, Help Others And Have Fun Along The Way!

On a recent transaction I received $10,000 up-front and my backend profit was $30,156.38. One of the biggest things I learnt from Rick is it doesn’t matter what happens in the world – if I lost everything I owned right now I know I’m going to be okay. Because I know that I have the skill set to go and do it all again and I am going to have a lot of fun and I’m going to help a lot of people doing this at the same time.

T Hart,
Former Bank Worker, Victoria

I Can Help Others Solve Their Property Problems!

I’ve been around real estate for a fair while as a developer. Rick has taught me a lot more about negotiating and how to fix problems. Now I’m able to go out and fix other people’s problems, which has also created a great income for myself.

G Thomas,
Former Developer, New South Wales

We Created A Win-Win And Made $40,000 From One Transaction!

We recently just helped a lady who lost her job and couldn’t affordthe mortgage payments. We found a buyer who had problems getting a bank loan because of his past credit history. We put the buyer and seller together. She got rid of her problem. He got the house for his family. We made $40,000 in the deal, everyone is happy and it is a win- win situation.

A & C Chua,
Franchise Owners, Western Australia

Deposit From Buyers Included A Car!

Exciting news ... just closed another sandwich deal. Deposit from buyers included a car. Good profit on deal with no money down from us ... this is fun! Great teamwork – I’m sourcing sandwich properties and Alex is selling them. Business is growing from strength to strength.

G & A Close,

We Sold Three Houses In One Week!

Just sharing some great news ... We sold three of our houses in one week! Actual time spent by Monique and I, including show through, placing ads, putting up signs etc ... 22 hours. Thanks Rick for your wisdom ...

P & M Verbaten,
Former Chemist & Housewife, Victoria

Rick's System Helped Us Lock In The Profits!

We have completed five properties. They are generating a positive cash flow in excess of $100 per week per property, $650 per week cash positive to date. We have locked in profits from $30,000 to $50,000 per property. Our capital gain is in the order of $220,000. We had attended an American seminar but it didn’t provide the necessary nitty- gritty details to make it happen. Rick’s system filled in the gaps.

J & W Dugan,
Property Developer & Jewellery Designer,

I Made $89,000 With Only $2 Invested!

I went to Rick Otton’s bootcamp for three days, I spent $2.00 and I bought two houses and I made $17,000 cash and $72,000 backend profit ... and I have a skill going as well. Thank you very much for that.

T Cat,
New South Wales

Rick Has Enabled Me To Fulfil My Goals And Dreams!

I’ve been in property for the last 10 years. I had a number of negatively geared properties and since doing Rick’s strategies, I’ve been able to turn those properties around and they now provide positive cash flow.I did one deal using Rick’s system and I wasn’t sure how I was goingto pay for it, so I put the deposit on a number of credit cards and I managed to negotiate a 12-month settlement. Long story short, it’s going to cost me interest on the deposit for 12 months, and since the day that I bought the property, the property has gone up $200,000 and I’m about to cash out of that deal. It cost me $12,000 and I’m going to make $200,000. One of my goals was to purchase a Jaguar (car) because my father died when I was seven and one of his goals was to buy a Jag and I’m fulfilling his dream. So 47 years later ... I’ve dreamed of that for 47 years and Rick has enabled me to do that.

R Holt,

$740,000 In Less Than A Year!

We made $740,000 in 10 months from one transaction.

S & S Carr,
New Zealand

$740,000 In Less Than A Year!

We bought our first house for $50 and we’ve got $30,000 in the deal. We’re getting $70 a week cash flow out of it and it will settle in 18 months, the people are ecstatic and we’re ecstatic, the people who sold it are happy and the people who bought it are more than happy.

W & D Bamber,
Small Business Owners,
New South Wales

2 Months After Attending Rick's Bootcamp I Did My First Transaction

I made $15,000 upfront, $770 per month positive cash flow and my backend profit is $29,000.

Winston White,

8 Days After Attending Rick's Bootcamp I did My First Transaction

I received $60,000 upfront, $319 per week positive cash flow and $33,00 backend profit.

Sean Summerville,
New South Wales