Negotiation Experts Predict Prime Minister Julia Gillard to Pull Out All Stops in Carbon Tax Announcement

Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard is going to face nation this week. She will address the nation about the proposed carbon tax and she will have to please industry, environmentalists, and most importantly voters.

Negotiation expert, Rick Otton, believes that Ms Gillard needs to appeal not just to the powerful lobby groups, but to the man in the street as well.

Rick said that despite having the endorsement of high profile personalities like Kate Blanchet and support of environmentalists, the most newsroll shows that it is not popular among voters. The Newspoll published a week ago had Ms Gillard’s Labor Party with just 30 per cent of the primary vote.

Iven Frangi, a specialist in the field of persuasion techniques believes The Prime Minister’s speechwriters will have to work hard to ensure her message delivers the results what her party expects.

Rick agrees with Mr.Frangi and he said that PM will be under pressure to deliver the results as expected. He believes that under the pressure of negotiation with both big business and the Greens, she needs to be ever mindful of how voters perceive they will be impacted by this tax, especially in these challenging economic times.

Mr Otton and Mr Frangi both teach the use of negotiation skills and persuasion techniques for business and personal success, and believe that Ms Gillard’s Sunday address to the nation will be crucial to her continued political success.

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