Now You Can Sell Your Property Quickly And Easily With These Ready Made Property Signs

Just think. Why spend hundreds of dollars on a designer to create you a “custom made” sign for you to sell your house? When you can get exactly what you need at half the cost and delivered faster from

There are 2 handy “sign packs” available

For Sale Signs Package: $185 (includes GST & delivery).
For Sale kit contains:
  • 6 For Sale Signs (60cm x 90cm)
  • 4 Pointer signs (15cm x 60 cm)
  • 4 No Bank Qualifying Signs (60cm x 45cm)

Rent to Own Signs Package: $155 (includes GST & delivery).

Rent 2 Own kit contains:

  • 6 Large Rent to Own (60cm x 90cm)
  • 4 Pointer signs (15cm x 60cm)

Personalize the ‘For Sale By Owner’ , ‘Rent To Own’ and ‘Pointer’ signs by writing directly on them with a texture pen. All signs are made of heavy corrugated card board. Place the signs inside your window or door or outside to attract buyers to your property.

If your property is on a quiet street use the ‘Pointer’ signs as a way to drive traffic from a busy main street or road to your property.

Enter your details below to place your order and our printer will contact you directly to organise payment and ship the signs package you requested in 5 working days. Thank you for your order.

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