Rick Otton’s Successful Students Share Real Estate Investing Secrets on Free Podcast

Rick Otton’s property investment strategies have rocked the real estate market due to their flexibility and efficiency. Hear what his students have to say about how they achieved financial freedom through Mr. Otton’s groundbreaking techniques in this recent podcast

Experience is the best teacher and property specialist Rick Otton’s students have proven the success of creative real estate in his most recent podcast.

This Creative Real Estate podcast reveals how Mr. Otton’s  students have achieved profound and solid property portfolio using his innovative property investment strategies. The students shared their experiences in real estate and how Mr.Otton’s  strategies helped them go up the property ladder.

“It’s very interesting to learn how people’s experiences can teach us a lot of things. They say that experience is the best teacher and I believe that the best way to learn is by acknowledging our mistakes and making an effort to do better next time. These students have failed before, in the real estate setting, but what made them succeed was the effort and the courage to think outside the box,” Mr. Otton said.

The podcast revealed how Mr.Otton’s students struggled to make money in real estate but found themselves in negative-geared situation and making less money than they expected.

“I had probably for about 10 or 15 years, different properties and it just wasn’t getting me towards the goals that I wanted to achieve. I started looking around for a while and I saw yourself and your strategies and that really struck a chord with me in how I could actually achieve win, win situations and ultimately make something out of it along the way,” said Greg, one of the interviewees.

Mr.Otton also emphasized the importance of having adept negotiation skills in order to conquer the property market.  Another student, Wayne, agreed on this and shared “It is knowing who you are talking to and knowing what you are talking about and it is confidence. Before I was a little afraid to ask for too much. Now I am much more confident. My time is valuable.”

The interview revealed that if given a choice, all of his students would never go back to their old ways and will stick to Mr.Otton’s strategies in real estate investing.

Mr. Otton is widely known for his revolutionary property investment strategies that are currently storming the property market. These strategies have been making dramatic changes in how real estate is done in the USA, Australia, UK and other parts of the world. For more than thirty years, Mr.Otton has been teaching his students through seminars and boot camps how to create a career in real estate investing through alternative seller finance strategies.

“This episode has shown how my strategies have helped my students achieve financial freedom through sound property investment. I feel proud, not just as a teacher but also as father. Their lives are now better, their financial situation improved  and they get to spend more time with their families,” Mr.Otton said.

The podcast can be accessed at http://webuyhousesradio.com/22-students-reveal-secrets-to-success-in-creative-real-estate-investing/


To know more on Rick Otton’s strategies, you can check out: http://www.rickotton.co.uk/sales-page

About Rick Otton

Rick Otton is an original pioneer of creative property strategies. He is founder and CEO of We Buy Houses, a leading property enterprise which operates in the property markets of the United Kingdom, New Zealand, USA and Australia.

In 1991 he uncovered an innovative strategy of buying and selling real estate and went on to amass a portfolio of 76 properties in his first twelve months of active investing.

Since 2001, Rick has taught over 30,000 students to buy, sell and trade residential property using seller finance. By employing these same strategies, many of Rick’s students have made over a million dollars a year in cash and equity.

He has appeared in the following Australian TV programs: 2004 ABC documentary ‘Reality Bites’ and on Today Tonight, Insight and A Current Affair. In October 2007 Rick gave a way a house on national TV during 2 episodes of Channel 9’s Hot Property.

Rick Otton has also been featured in Your Property Network, Australian Property Investor, Lifestyle Trader Magazines and in the books: The Secrets of Property Millionaires Exposed!, Ideas: Original Perspectives On Life and Business From Leading Thinkers, Think and Grow Rich in Property, Insider Property Secrets, and Walking With The Wise.


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