Who's Rick

Hey Everyone! It's Rick.

You know, it seems to me nobody talks anymore... 

Everybody taps on phones 📲, takes selfies 🤳and overuses of the words right?” , like”  or ya know” .

When I was a kid we’d play in the front yard with the neighbors' kids.


Fun games like hospital 🏥, leapfrog 🐸, skipping , hide 'n seek 🙈🏃or tease the girl next door 😜 🙅.

During that time we'd learn the language of communication...


...but now it has all changed now!

Now we play on computers and hand-held devices, email and text and then enter get introduced to either business leads or members of the opposite sex... only to run out of good words past Hello”.


Socially, we get saved by binge drinking (phew) and we may win the deal but there's a good chance we come a close second because we didn't understand the fine elements of human interaction. 

So imagine playing chess and just as your opponent is moving their first pawn, your shadow jumps up and yells “checkmate!” because you’ve figured out all the future moves...

Many years ago when starting out I learned “a very unique set of influencing, communication skills”  by working under a whole bunch of guys “older and way smarter than me.”  You may even have heard of Mr Body Language, Allan Pease, in the photo below. Anyway, I have been applying what I learned back then ever since!

I have been able to apply these skills to jingle creation, writing of music, television production, property investing and even dating, I even got so good I got me a wife!  As you can tell by the newspaper clippings below, I seem to create attention with whatever I put my mind to doing.

By my early 30s, I arrived in the Dallas, Texas, during the “Savings and Loans” financial crisis between the late 80s and early 90s. Property prices had tanked 90% and getting a bank loan illegal. At that time I had limited property experience, but learned quickly that in order to seize the opportunities on offer we could not rely on the old established process.

On the back of me building up my Dallas property empire, I also made a name for myself on my own local cable TV show called, "The Couch Critic". It was so far out there from mainstream TV, and was an unexpected success despite appearing unscripted and politically and utterly incorrect!

The Couch Critic (AKA Baywatch meets Crocodile Dundee)

Fast Forward A Few More Years!

A few years later and back in my homeland, Australia, many suggested that it was a shame that what was created in the USA could not be duplicated elsewhere. Seemed to me people have the same problems worldwide regarding the purchase and sale of property. So I set my mission to visit each country and implement change to what I viewed as outdated thinking.

Just like in America, I asked myself this question...

All along the way like everybody I’ve made mistakes but for the most part I’ve gotten it pretty right. I was asked to first share these tools 17 years ago with people from places like,

  • Australia
  • New Zealand
  • United Kingdom
  • Republic of Ireland
  • Spain
  • Greece
  • Netherlands
  • Poland
  • Portugal

People everywhere wanted the same legal procedures, deal analysis and talk/sales/marketing success language that I've used over the last 30 years. But, I always kept in mind what I knew from my own life lessons...

Hope you enjoy the journey