How To Get People To Give You Money

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If you're looking for the light at the end of the tunnel, then this book is not for you as it was written for those that want to be driving the train. If where you are now is not where you want to be then this will be the most important book!!!

Here’s why: Rick Otton has endured a lifelong study mastering the art of kinesics and subliminal communication techniques in order to have people give you what you want. His perfected little-known, human communication tactics get people to give you what you want by asking the RIGHT questions whilst knowing where to stand and sit.

This book is written in his unique signature style and will have you drinking from the cup of experience as he takes you to a level below conscious awareness.

It’s illustrated with cartoons and populated with visual stories in order to provide easy learning of Rick’s communication, language and marketing techniques so you can immediately plug in and accelerate faster.

What People Are Saying

"The nuggets of communication gold that Rick has perfected over the years and applied to thousands of business transactions to get the best deals. Glad I have a go-to reference for these, they will be referred to regularly."

Matt Therlault, United States

"Excellent Read! Edgy! Funny & Exciting! It’s got me pumped to take action! It’s clear, Rick Otton is the Real Deal! 100% recommendation!"

Katcun, United Kingdom

"Rarely do you get a communication/sales book from someone who has been there and done it! Brilliant read and a deep dive into how to sell subconsciously rather than obvious sleazy sales techniques thought in other places. If you hate being salesy and pushy - read this book cover to cover!"

Ahmed Khan, United Kingdom

"Rick is the Godfather of Human Psychology and Sales! I have personally studied with him in the past, and I've had enormous success with his methods of communication. At last, a book where he has distilled the essence of his wisdom and experience, the perfect guidebook for anyone involved in any kind of sales or leadership role. In reading this book, you'll acquire various techniques that truly work in the real world, such as Funnels, Questions to access the right bit of people's brain, embedded scripts, and much more. Definitely a must-read for ALL Entrepreneurs."