Go Direct Gathering In London With Rick!

Saturday, 15th October 1:00pm - 4:00pm

New Moon Pub, Basement Floor, 88 Gracechurch Street, London EC3V 0DN

Rick, save me a spot!

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    Hi everybody, welcome back!

    It’s been a while coming, and now the world is rapidly changing, so what an exciting time and great opportunity for a Go Direct get together as it seems we are heading towards 2009-10 again and the trend is to know, "Where to from here?

    Many of us have travelled exciting paths since those days we spent in Covent Gardens, so I have booked the above location for us all to reconnect with past friends, laugh, swap details and have a few drinks.

    During the afternoon I will share the latest updates on where the world is now, including tips trends and techniques moving forward in what I see as very exciting times.

    But guys, as there are potentially hundreds of us Go Directors, we may have a problem. So can you please help me plan by letting me know if you think you may be coming….

    We won’t be ticking names off at the door, but the hotel would like an idea from me how big the herd may become…

    Also, Jane and I kept very accurate numbers, but someone is sure to miss getting this notification, so please share the details of this reunion with other Go Directors.

    I look forward to seeing everybody and discussing the exciting times ahead and my new 278-page book, "How To Get People To Give You Money", on sale at Amazon, but I have made it available for free download on the home page. You're going to need it!

    See you at the reunion!