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We Buy Houses and proud of it!

Have you ever asked yourself where those bright yellow and black signboards came from, and how they have managed to find their way to every nook and cranny in the Western World and beyond? You will find their origins dating back to the “Savings and Loans” real estate crisis in the southern states of the United States in the late 80s and early 90s.

It was an era when a small group of intrepid and entrepreneurial minds rewrote the rule book for buying and selling real estate out of necessity. The black writing on yellow backdrop came out of  the guerilla marketing from the streets, as this was the most visible color combination to the naked eye. The controversial, yet highly effective “We Buy Houses” signs began popping up all over the place, and eventually worldwide.

In 1989 the writing of assumable real estate loans was repealed and new investment real estate loans for a period of time outlawed. Creative finance was born due to a lack of institutional finance, as was creative marketing in order to resell in a market edging 30% vacancy in some areas.

As a first-hand participant during these turbulent times, Richard Otton describes the period this way, “It was a crazy time in history with price discounts measuring 90% in some cases, 80% in many, but we would have to use instore credit to purchase musical instruments then street sell at 50% in order to create purchase funds”.

For many people today who have never witnessed such volatile shifts in the market, there is a sense that we are approaching an even greater financial cliff. Yet, as we look to go back to the future, there is a voice from crises past signaling how to navigate a path through the financial storm that lies in wait.

With a background in subliminal science, Richard found ways and means to profit from buying and reselling houses and condominiums when the term "real estate" was a dirty word and create marketing campaigns that cut through the clutter which are still shared by many “We Buy Houses” people to this day.

Has the We Buy Houses brand caused controversy and the ire of governments and parts of the establishment? Absolutely! With authorities around the world trying to suppress free-thinking entrepreneurial minds, it is “We The People” that are now crying out for a return of their independence and prosperity.

These days Richard Otton works to expand his business relationships and network across the globe with other capitalists and entrepreneurs to forge new opportunities and reciprocal profit centers. At the same time, he does not overlook the fact that his core services are to meet the needs of real estate buyers and sellers being left victims of a new property wave into recession or depression. As stated over 3 decades ago, the ongoing goal is to, “Change the way people buy and sell real estate across the globe.”

We Buy Houses (USA) - 1990's

We Buy Houses (AUS) - 2000's

We Buy Houses (UK) - 2000's


Nothing To Sell...but plenty to share

This may come as a surprise to you, but we have nothing you can buy from us! can't sign in for a teaser gift with an upsell email series attached to it. Neither can we offer you a training course to a We Buy Houses investing strategies and techniques. You see, we don't make our livelihood these days by teaching, but by working with clients that would like to do business ventures together with the end-goal of sharing in the profits we make together.

More importantly, what we would like to do is keep you abreast with the ongoing global trends and activities from around the world that often get overlooked when you may otherwise be totally absorbed by what's happening local area. With our global reach we can introduce you to trends and key individuals as and when they happen.

If you have a special story or would like to bring to our attention how we can grow and advance together, just contact us below. Otherwise, make yourself welcome to our global online network by signing up directly underneath. Granted, local community networks are a great way to connect with others, but time limits available to today's hectic world, you will reduce the time, cost and efforts needed when meeting up in person.

By the way, the only favor we ask is, if you like what we do could you tell your like-minded friends to join us too. We are looking to reach an audience far and wide as we bring to you the best of the best!

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