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For entrepreneurs looking to discover unique new and innovative solutions to giving consumers immediate access to highly desirable products and services with a minimum of impediments.


Our Story

The We Buy International group of entities is the culmination of a radical shift in business philosophy that had its roots in the American real estate market over three decades ago with the startup business known as We Buy Houses. 

Now a veteran business entrepreneur, Richard Otton revolutionised traditional business thinking in that sector from the late 1980s and later to his homeland of Australia, New Zealand then the United Kingdom, and finally Asia post pandemic. 

The “We Buy” brand represents new and innovative solutions to providing consumers immediate access to highly desirable products and services with a minimum of impediments put in their way and at price within their budget. 

Think about how daunting and challenging it can be for many first-time home buyers to get a footing onto the property market. This is primarily due to the stringent conditions that are placed upon them to qualify for bank lending. Three decades have passed since the "We Buy" way of thinking looked at this hungry market and provided revolutionary and unique transition-process to move from renter-buyers to home owners with out bank financing. 

Now, using the same tomorrow’s thought process and with the benefit of digital technology, our brand is being applied to the garment, educational and legal industries offering products and services delivered more efficiently, easily and bypassing many of the traditional encumbrances… and the list is growing


Your Story

Your story can be delivered by you quicker and faster with accelerated profits by simply applying the “We Buy” plugin. The "We Buy" brand represents the coming together and building of a relationship where both parties look to gain with the pivot applied of smarter thinking . When you visit any of our businesses below, this is the common element between each and every one of them. 

Over the years business entrepreneurs have wondered how we do what we do and have wanted to replicate our philosophies into their businesses. When you want to achieve the same results without the experience or luxury of 3 decades of life energy and finances, maybe leveraging upon our knowledge to hasten the end result can be yours in accelerated time! 

At We Buy International our strength and growth has always been built upon the mission statement: Achieve via results for money, not hours for money. 

As we don’t charge fees, we only select businesses where we see valuable upside on which the reward of future profit can be obtained with a business owner who isn’t married to yesterday’s methods, process and techniques. 

Typically, business or other people can have scepticism where something is new and different, even if it makes a whole lot of sense! (ask us how we know!) 

If consumers can get more of what they want quicker faster cheaper with less energy, at a price they can afford, that allows us to sell more of you... then we all win! 

It’s what we do…


Our Philosophy

There are many different factors that can motivate people, and what motivates one person may not motivate another. Some common motivators include:

1. Achieving goals driven by passion and led by vision

2. Creating a sense of purpose or meaning for being

3. Rewards and incentives based on results

4. Recognition and praise

5. To be seen by others as the best at what we do. 😊


Visit One Of Our We Buy Destinations Below

Take a visit to our current We Buy destinations and ask yourself, "Could my own business be super-charged by applying the "We Buy" philosophy?" With no fees charged, we only make money if you make money.

We Buy Houses

Real Estate investors have globally replicated this pioneer business model for providing viable alternatives to traditional bank-fed financing when transacting real estate. As economic situations change market contractions limit the sources of traditional funding, making it difficult and creating a "financial gridlock". This in turn makes it harder to sell property at a reasonable price inside a reasonable period of time, and even harder for the buyer to buy.

By stepping back from traditional thinking We Buy Houses has been able to flourish, and now operates in 12 countries that can be readily accessed from the home website.

We Buy Garments

Designed especially for young teenagers and young adults looking to make an eye-catching fashion statement, but at prices that often match what they can afford when making their way in the world. Uniquely designed and created by a young clothing entrepreneur out of Paris, Elise offers a range of custom denim that is based upon what this market defines as being "young, cool and sassy". We Buy Garments finds great talent and provides a platform to shine as we have done here with Elise’s collection.

We Buy Library

With thirteen million hours of content added monthly via YouTube alone, we no longer require new information, only a more targeted way to access it.

With a knowledgebase of over 3 decades behind us, We Buy Library is a resource centre on all aspects of business development and marketing for you to share. Here we provide what we do and how we do it, no matter how unconventional. With the brain being exposed to over 1500 marketing messages a day you need to cut through the clutter and here is some of what has worked for us over the years.

Experience is what you get when you don’t get what you want, so copy, model and pirate to reduce those costly learning curves. All you need is your first name and a valid email address to receive all the downloads and you are good to go!

We Buy Legals

Ever wondered why lawyers can charge you a fortune for their day-to-day legal services? Many of the duties performed by them, para-legal and general staff all add up. We look at how many of these hand-me-down methods and processes could be handled by information technology to significantly reduce the passed-on costs that the consumer gets lumped with. This approach is now at the forefront of change to how the legal world will evolve in the upcoming years to stay competitive, this why it qualifies as a "We Buy" business.



For potential joint-business ventures, media requests or speaking appearances, please send us clear and concise details of your proposal. We endeavour to get back to your within 24 business hours.


Our operations are international with our registered office address just outside of London. Please use the "Contact Us" to communicate with us.

We Buy International - US Office

Registered Office:

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Achieving goals driven by passion and led by vision

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