Hi there, it's Rick Otton!

Let's Try To Summarise 40 Years Of Closing Deals Without Boring You To Death...

In the Beginning I Worked Alongside The Known "Godfather" Of Body And Talk Language!

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Or you could say that a new breed of salesperson and deal closing was born. Nobody had ever heard of "body language" or "talk language", but this served as my training ground for closing sales in a novel way when selling life insurance.

After the publication of his book "Body Language", I recall Allan attempting to sell people on a topic that they were unfamiliar with. He once said to me, "Rick, if you ever want to change anything, it will take around 20 years", which is a lesson he taught me about getting novel ideas into the public mind.

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Next I Sold Myself Into The Advertising And Music Industry...

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...and it all started from a bet! I bet my mate a free month's rent that I could get a song played on commercial radio within the next 24 hours! P.S. I can't sing a note in tune!

Here's the metaphor for closing deals even if you think you haven't got what it takes. Here's what a music arranger told me, “You can't sing at all, but if I get the best musicians around and I write a really good music arrangement, we don't have to worry that you can't sing."

Then I Was Able To Sell The Idea Of "The Couch Critic" To US Television

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You may laugh at me in the video, but I had 22 million viewers and sponsorship from Dominos Pizza and Castlemaine XXXX brewery. In the role I was playing I was doing what I was taught when it came to communicating, "Keep your language so simple that even a 12 year old could understand it."

Often we need to cut through the clutter and grab people's attention by the scruff of the neck. Are you speaking in a language that your audience understands? Little did I know that I was learning to capture leads and why being paid by your results is a lot more profitable than being paid by the hour.

After That, My Wife Sold Me On The Idea Of A Career In Real Estate...A Game Changer!

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Do you recall what I said in the first audio? I said that if you begin with no prior knowledge of something, you will lack the knowledge necessary to follow the relevant rules. Well, that was me with my first real estate transaction. Given that 1) there was no bank lending, 2) Texas property values had fallen by 80%, and, most importantly, 3) I had neither a job nor any money, I simply had to find a means to create money.

Listen to what I did to close my first deal in the audio clip up top. I made $500 profit monthly and had 40 ready-made clients who would pay me if I could do the same for them. Start here to uncover the speech and language maps I used in my free download of my book and the training materials that go with it.

So I Took My New Business Back To My Home Country Where They Said That It Would Never Work...

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But It Did And I Just Seemed To Attract Attention

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Like Allan Pease said to me years before, getting new ideas accepted as mainstream thinking can take up to 20 years. However, from my video you can see that things moved quite quickly within the real estate circles of Australia, and later in New Zealand and the United Kingdom.

Certainly I was not following local conventions when it came to buying and selling houses, but the results were like in the United States. In my audio you can hear a story of what happened when I was invited to advise a board of bankers on how they could solve their insolvency problem with mortgages that were in default.

And Before I Knew It Other People In Australia, New Zealand And The United Kingdom Wanted To How I Did What I Did!

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Then Everything Changed With My Best Seller Book, "How To Buy A House For $1" 

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Because of my unique approach to real estate negotiations, I was frequently asked, "Where's your book?" The problem is that I didn't have one, and creating a book is a huge undertaking. I would only sit down to create a book if I was confident that people would want to read it from cover to cover. 

For me, the book's title needed to draw readers in and get them to pay attention. Unintentionally, I thought people would understand how buying a property for a dollar works after they picked up the book and started reading the chapters. When an asset is purchased along with any underlying liabilities, this statement has been used frequently in business. This oversight would subsequently cost me money.

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Enter The Dangerous Showman

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People like to "purchase my steak", but they also call me a "Dangerous Showman" because of how well I "sell the sizzle". The reason I created this online training series is because some of us don't have 40 years to devote to learning anything new and would rather just plug and play.

Like me, a dangerous showman, you're bound to experience setbacks along the way, as well as make blunders and do some stupid things. Getting good at anything won't happen quickly, but you can get started on the road to mastery right now. Take advantage of the smart moves I made over the past few decades and attempt to avoid the mistakes I made.

Some people might not be comfortable with the fact that I started selling life insurance at the age of 18 and eventually became the highest paid stage closer in my country. That's fine with me, as my delivery style isn't everybody’s cup of tea, however some of us drink coffee

Even if you apply just a few of the concepts, you could, perhaps, maybe, sometimes, probably, hopefully, possibly and potentially * expect spectacular results in your business for years to come.


* Rick's legal disclaimer

Choose, Take 40 Years To Learn Yourself... Or Plug In To Someone That Did?

You see, what I have explained I did not learn from university or text books. It comes from acquired knowledge encompassing 40 years in a multitude of deal-closing environments, and I am still learning today!

The art of closing the deals does not come from selling, but from others wanting to buy. The details of this mastered skill is revealed in my multimedia deal closer series, that includes my book, "How To Get People To Give You Money...By Asking The Right Questions".

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